Are Smoking Bars, as defined in G.L. c. 270, § 22 permitted to be open during Phase III – Step 1?     No. State law defines a smoking bar as “an establishment that: (i) exclusively occupies an enclosed indoor space and is primarily engaged in the retail sale of tobacco products . . . for consumption by customers on the premises; (ii) derives revenue from the sale of food, alcohol or other beverages that is incidental to the sale of a tobacco products and prohibits entry to a person under 21 years of age; (iii) prohibits a food or beverage not sold directly by the establishment from being consumed on the premises; (iv) maintains a valid permit for the retail sale of a tobacco product as required to be issued by the appropriate authority in the city or town in which the establishment is located; and (v) maintains a valid permit issued by the department of revenue to operate as a smoking bar.”1  Read entire answer –>  Final Smoking Bar Guidance 8.26.2020