State Action for Public Health Excellence (SAPHE)

State Action for Public Health Excellence (SAPHE) Program (S1294/H1935) by Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Kane and Garlick

Brief update from Massachusetts Public Health Association – January 6, 2020: The SAPHE Bill is currently in the House Committee on Ways and Means (see above links).   The state operating budget is due out on January 22, 2019  The SAPHE Coalition (see coalition contact Kristina Kimani below) is endorsing $1,700,000 that will allow the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to focus on several critical education and training areas including shared services.  We will need your help in advocating for this budget request. To read more about SAPHE go to

Contact: Kristina Kimani, Coalition & Advocacy Manager, Massachusetts Public Health Association
50 Federal Street, 8th Floor, Boston, MA  02110,  (Direct) 857-302-7230  SAPHE Fact Sheet.