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Please do not contact MAHB with complaints about a restaurant, hotel, campground, hair salon or other business which you believe is in violation of state and/or local sanitary codes. MAHB is a non-profit organization with no legal authority to inspect facilities or issue compliance orders. If you have reached this site in search of such information, please refer to the page “How to Report Violations”. Local elected or appointed Boards of Health and their professional staff are responsible for responding to citizen (and anonymous) concerns regarding sanitary code violations, nuisances and noisome trades, and public and environmental health problems.

Contact your local board of health or city health department. Provide them with all of the relevant details, including the name of the business and location where the problem was observed.

If you or your doctor suspect food poisoning, it is important to contact your local board of health as soon as possible, and provide information including the time of onset, duration of symptoms, and associated food. Food Poisoning cannot be considered a confirmed diagnosis without clinical specimens. Even if you did not seek medical care, you can still file a complaint with the local board of health, which should investigate any complaint that appears valid, even if it is anonymous. (although this is not encouraged, as it makes it difficult to judge validity or make a follow up inquiry).

MAHB maintains a public directory of local boards of health . This provides contact information, locations and names of local board of health members and their staff.
For more information about MAHB and local boards of health, email