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Public Health Jobs Available – See the Latest Postings- 11/4/2020: Foxborough – Director of Public Health. 

Phase 2 Vaccines for 75+ Residents Targeting Most Vulnerable

Tobacco Control - Legal Victory for Local Public Health

The Massachusetts Appeals Court dismisses Cumberland Farms, Inc.’s argument that “Jazz” cigars are not flavored tobacco products, and affirms the Yarmouth Board of Health’s suspension of the store’s tobacco sales permit

The New Look At Nicotine Addiction

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Fall MAHB 2020 Certificate Program Postponed

Photo: Marcia Benes and Ron O’Connor, 11/2019 Certificate Program


In November 2012, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved a medical marijuana ballot initiative. The vote was 63% to 37%, with only 2 municipalities voting against it. The MDPH was charged with promulgating regulations relative to medical marijuana and administering a distribution program.

Healthy Food Initiatives

Making healthier foods are more accessible in the retail food environment, especially among under-served populations is an important public health goal. The healthy choice should be the easy choice – the default choice.

MASS in Motion

Mass in Motion is a statewide movement that promotes opportunities for healthy eating and active living. Working with communities, schools, childcare centers, and businesses to create changes that make it easy for people to eat better and move more, MASS in Motion helps residents to eat healthy and live well.

$502 Million Federal COVID-19 Relief Fund to Cities and Towns

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Massachusetts Association of Health Boards

MAHB’s mission is to assist and support boards of health in meeting their statutory and service responsibilities, through programs of education, technical assistance, representation, and resource development.

Massachusetts Boards of Health are responsible under general laws, state and local regulations, for disease prevention and control, health and environmental protection, and promoting a healthy community.

COVID-19 -- Legal BOH Guidance from the Massachusetts Association of Health Board

We will be posting guidance’s and recommendations for common legal public health questions that we have been receiving. Please click on the following link to view our latest set of guidance’s and recommendations.

COVID- 19 - Health-Related BOH Guidance from the Masschusetts Association of Health Boards

We will be posting guidance’s and recommendations for common health-related questions that we have been receiving. Please click on the following link to view our latest set of guidance’s and recommendations.  

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Examining the effect of information channel on COVID-19 vaccine acceptance

 R. Piltch-Loeb, E. Savoia, B. Goldberg, B. Hughes, T. Verhey, J. Kayyem, C. Miller-Idriss, MA. Testa  Read More

Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: Socio-demographics, Co-Morbidity and Past Racial Discrimination

Elena Savoia, Rachael Piltch-Loeb, Beth Goldberg, Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Brian Hughes, Juliette Kayyem, Alberto Montrond, Marcia A Testa –    Read More 

Dr. Testa, President of MAHB,  and Drs. Savoia and Piltch-Loeb, faculty in the MAHB Certificate Program, are all members of the Emergency Preparedness Research, Evaluation and Practice (EPREP) program and the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

Liability Protections for Vaccination Clinics

Question: Are healthcare workers, clinics and others who administer the COVID-19 vaccine liable for injury or death caused by a COVID-19 vaccination? Answer: No. State and federal law, and a federal no-fault compensation program, give complete immunity to healthcare...

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Revised Local BOH COVID-19 Checklist Cease and Desist Order Template

Local Boards of Health are currently faced with enforcing emergency orders issued by the Governor.  MAHB has added a new template under the legal alerts frequently asked Questions — see Question 1.017.  This COVID-19 Checklist template can be used for a variety of violations including: business, organization, or other non-business enterprise openings; wearing of masks or facial coverings; isolation and quarantine; maximum premises capacity;  indoor and/or outdoor entertainment;  proper “social distancing” of  patrons or guests; food service preparation and delivery; indoor and/or outdoor recreational activities; summer day camps; day care services or  congregate living facilities? If as a Board of Health you need to enforce these orders, get a copy of our generic COVID-19 Checklist Cease and Desist LBOH Order that can be issued to cover any one of these areas.

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New COVID-19 Notice of Violation Template

Download and modify  this new Word Template to issue a Notice of Violation citing the most recent  Governor’s Emergency Orders. Excerpt reads: The above-named Board of Health, working under the authority of the Governor’s Emergency Orders, including, but not limited...

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Does SCOTUS Decision on NY Houses of Worship Impact MA?

  How Does the U.S. Supreme Court case , Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, New York v. Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York, 592 U.S. _____, 2020 WL 6948354 (11.25.2020) impact Governor Baker’s Orders relative to Houses of Worship.  The Supreme Court wrote its...

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No Excess Deaths In Massachusetts Over the Past Six Months

Several weeks ago, Governor Baker instituted new recommendations to control the spread of COVID-19.  He continues to encourage keeping businesses open and schools operating in-person.  Keeping businesses and schools open have a clear scientific basis.  In addition,...

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